by David Graham
Scotch Movies

I like to see the old couple sitting
in their garage right on Route 23
with the door up, facing traffic
on a warm June day, newspaper unread,

as if we were the interesting ones
in our dog-to-the-vet station wagons,
our UPS vans so faithfully frantic,
first-gear dumptrucks groaning with gravel,

when the Mystery itself
has set up its twin folding chairs
in the dusky, oil-scented air,
iced tea slowly warming on a card table

between them, maybe a radio on soft
in the empty kitchen behind.  I like
to believe they speak at long intervals
about how the tomatoes are doing,

heat beginning to ripple the haze
over the highway, through which we plunge
with our designer coffee, our kids in car seats,
clutch of DVDs to return to the store

where they have never been, our couple
nodding like trees at the edge of the wind.

--from Poet's Corner:  Summer.  Ed. Anny Ballardini.  Published July 2009.